Brrycast August Community Update


I get you caught up to date on what is happening on the sites, welcome a new hire and put out a help wanted notice. We continue to push on our strategy for multi-platform distribution and what it means to you with 10 million new listeners / viewers getting exposed to your content via their television screens.

Community Update on Roku and Boxee Announcement!

Check out the excitement around our Roku set-top box and Boxee announcement. Important information

Brrycast and a Blubrry Update Mar 2010

A quick update on what is happening in the Blubrry community. Updates on the site enhancements and upcoming advertising deals.

Blubrry's BlogWorld and New Media Expo Show Info

On Wednesday our entire team packs up and heads for Las Vegas for BlogWorld and New Media Expo that many of you are attending.  This will be the first year that BlogWorld and New Media Expo are a combined event.

Blog Louder:
Our show theme for 2009 is Blog Louder, with thousands of bloggers intermixing with podcasters we want to show bloggers how to grow their existing audiences through podcasting.  Please stop by our booth, to say hello and ask questions, be sure to pick up a T-Shirt and one of our world famous show notepads.

Blog Louder, Party Harder:
Leave room in your Friday night schedule, as we will be having one of our famous parties. This is a after party you will not want to miss as we have pulled out all the stops, food, drinks, entertainment will be the order of the evening. See details at

Sessions by our Team to Attend:

Friday 12:45 PM ‚?? Setting up WordPress for Podcasting ‚?? Wordcamp Las Vegas Track
Angelo Mandato, host of Plugins, The WordPress Plugins Podcast, will discuss how to setup and configure a WordPress blog for podcasting. This will be an interactive presentation, audience participation is strongly encouraged.

Saturday 11:45 How to prep your show to make it Advertiser Friendly
Todd Cochrane: In this session you will learn exactly how to make your show and website meet the criteria advertisers are looking for. With four years of experience in podcast advertising, Todd will share with you details you will need to take your show from hobby to a revenue generator. Learn the advertising terms, pricing criteria and sensible expectations of what your show is capable of making in revenue.

Saturday 4:15 Promoting Podcasts through the Directories
Rob Greenlee, Todd Cochrane, Gary Weland will talk about getting your podcast promoted through sites such as Zune MarketPlace, PodcastPickle, and others. We will talk about tips and tricks that will make sure your directory listing is effective.

Three Sidenotes:

1st Have you seen the new Corporate Website design? Check out

2nd Have you checked out our newest vertical the Travel Cast Network. We are looking for category leaders to help us launch more verticals email with your idea

3rd Have you told your audience to nominate your Podcast for the People‚??s Choice Podcast Awards? You have 7 days left to be nominated by your listeners

RawVoice Website Re-Launching submit your Video Testimonial

RawVoice is relaunching our corporate website in the coming days and we are looking for video testimonials on our products and services to post on the new corporate website.

While we could have put together our own series of videos we felt the communities we represent would be able to do it better.

These video testimonials will reach, advertisers, podcasters, corporate clients. So keep that in mind when you are putting together your presentation, videos that are simply promotions for your own show will not be considered.

Topics for the testimonials include, Podcast Advertising aka what it has done for your show and how your listeners have reacted to the spots. Podcast Statistics tell us what you like about the stats the best and any insights the service has given you about your audience. Podcast Hosting let us know what you feel about our hosting and the accompanying tools each hosting client gets. PowerPress tell us what you like about it and ways it has improved your show production. Portal Clients tell us how the portal has helped your company and how you are using it.

Guidelines 2-3 Minutes maximum and we would like to be able to download the raw footage if possible to edit in-house to put in titling and to render in proper format. If you would prefer to do your own titling and post editing that is fine but please provide us a high quality master to work from. Questions can be directed to

Team RawVoice

Brrycast #29 August Update Comuunity Newsletter

The latest news on our podcast communities.

Topics Include:

  • Podcast Space Financial Stability
  • RawVoice Financial Outlook
  • BlogWorld and New Media Expo
  • Current Advertising Campaigns
  • Quarter 4 Advertising
  • PowerPress and the Road to 1.0
  • Podcast Statistic Service
  • Did someone say Mobile
  • Survey Link sent via e-mail

Brrycast #28 Blubrry Community NewsLetter

Instead of writing 10 paragraphs and sending in an e-mail, I have created a newsletter video this time enjoy.

Topics Include:

  • Welcome New Community Members
  • Site Updates
  • Quarter 3 Advertising
  • Participating in Advertising deals
  • New CPA Campaign that I need tentative commitments
  • Stats
  • Blog World and New Media Expo
  • RawVoice Company Update

Brrycast #27 PowerPress Podcast Plugin for WordPress

PowerPress has been updated and we are very excited about the update and once you jump over to the link below and watch the video's of what we have accomplished you are going to be very excitted as well.

We have made podcasting easy with our new 3 step Podcast Publishing Process. Check out the Blog post, Videos and listen to this podcast for the full details.


Brrycast #26 Complete Update on

It has been way to long since the last Brrycast and I really needed to get everyone caught up on what is happening here at Blubrry and to give you some info on what is coming down the road.

Topics Included

  • State of RawVoice
  • PowerPress Podcast Plugin
  • Podcast Statistics
  • Podcast Advertising
  • Hosting and Premium Services

Questions can be emailed to

BrryCast #25 Update on What is Happening at Blubrry

I catch you up on Podcast Publishing and Hosting, Podcast Statistics, Podcamps, Podcast Awards. We have also sponsored a number of Podcamps.

Podcamps are a great way to network and learn more about the podcasting space. Join us at Podcamp Monteal and Podcamp Hawaii

Check out the following Videos;


Any comments or questions contact